Advanced Standing Applicants

Advanced Standing Applicants should:

Read the How to Apply for MSW page and download and read the:

  • MSW Application Guide,
  • MSW Application Instructions AND
  • Advanced Standing Application Instructions.

From Advanced Standing Applicants we require:

  1. >One of the three required recommendations must be from the BSW Program Director (or designee), using the Advanced Standing Recommendation Form.
  2. In addition to the personal statement, please provide a specific example from your practice describing your work with an individual, family, group or community. Use the following instructions as a guide for your discussion. Please refrain from including actual names and agencies.

a. Briefly describe the agency.

b. Briefly describe the practice assignment, including your understanding of your role with the client or client group.

c. Describe and evaluate the extent to which you and your client or client group developed a mutual focus to your work.

d. Present a brief case assessment. Present relevant data and inferences about the client or client group and the environment.

e. Describe your helping efforts. Present brief excerpts from a process recording.

f. Critically evaluate your helping efforts, analyzing strengths and limitations, utilizing evidence-based practice outcomes, if available. Also, in retrospect, how might you have intervened differently?

g. Please comment on any social work values or ethical issues posed by this case, if any.

h. Describe the nature of your supervision and how you used it to help the client or client group.

For complete application information refer to: