Financial Aid

The School of Social Work Office of Admission and Financial Aid is committed to assisting students determine eligibility for all financial aid to which they may be entitled according to federal, state and university regulations and policies.

The School of Social Work offers several different types of financial aid including Federal Stafford Loans, On and Off Campus Federal Work-Study, and grants. To qualify:

  • You must be either a United States citizen or permanent resident
  • If you are interested in Federal Stafford Loans or Work-Study, you cannot be in default on any previously borrowed federal education loans
  • You must be enrolled in a degree program
  • You must be enrolled for a minimum of five credits each semester

In addition, every academic year you must complete the required application documents, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the School of Social Work Financial Aid Application by March 1. You will be notified if other documents are needed.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for financial aid at the same time they apply for admission to the School. Grant aid and work-study funds are limited and therefore, awarded first-come first-serve basis. Applications received after March 1st may not qualify for grants or work-study.

All students are sent a Financial Award Notification showing your eligibility for financial aid. You are responsible for correctly completing and returning this form by the deadline noted on the form. Be sure to read all materials enclosed with your Financial Award Notification.

Alternative education loans are available for students not meeting these criteria and for students needing additional assistance.

There are also scholarships offered through the School for which you can apply. Applications are available on the Financial Aid bulletin board in September/October.

Graduate Assistantships for PhD Students

If you are a PhD student and wish to apply for an assistantship or fellowship, select yes after the appropriate question on the application for admission. Academic departments make decisions on the award of graduate assistantships or fellowships, not the Graduate School. Assistantships and fellowships may be available for MSW students through externally funded grants with the School of Social Work. Assistantships and fellowships may also be available through other university departments or schools, or from outside agencies (i.e. UConn Health Center, UConn Student Health Services).

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Applicants for financial aid should apply at the same time that they apply for admission to the School. All University aid disbursed through the Office of Admission and Financial Aid is based on financial need. School of Social Work students fund their education through varying combinations of personal resources, University grant aid, Federal Work-Study, and Federal Education Loans.

To apply for financial aid, you must complete:

To apply for Summer 2015 financial aid, Advanced Standing and continuing students:

The Personal Identification Number (PIN) assigned by the U.S. Department of Education may be used to file the FAFSA. If a PIN number is used for filing FAFSA on the Web, no signature is necessary and filing is instantly accomplished without having to mail a signature page. A pin number may be obtained prior to filing the FAFSA by clicking on PIN above.

The FAFSA requires information you can gather from your Federal taxes and W-2s.

Application Process

When the Office of Admission and Financial Aid is notified that a student has been admitted to the School, their application materials are reviewed. If no additional information is required, the student will be mailed a Financial Award Notification. The Award Notification will contain the student’s eligibility for school grants, Federal Work-Study, and Federal Student Loans. Requests for additional information will be sent via email to the student’s Google Apps@UConn account.

Regardless of admission status, applications that are received after the scholarship/grant aid deadline of March 1, or that are incomplete at the time of the deadline, will be considered late applications. Late applications are reviewed for financial aid only after all on-time applications have been reviewed and awarded.

Deadline for Grant/Scholarship Aid: March 1

Other Required Documents
If selected for verification or determined necessary by the Office of Financial Aid, you will be notified via email.

Verification Process Information

Print the appropriate form from below and submit it to the Financial Aid Office:

* If you did not file and do not intend to file a Federal Tax Return, you must complete a Non-Filer Form [pdf].

For more information, please call us at (860) 570-9125 or E-mail: Office of Admission and Financial Aid

Mailing Address: Office of Admission and Financial Aid, 1798 Asylum Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06117-2698

To download the booklet “All About Aid” click here.

All About Aid