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Admission to the School of Social Work as a matriculated degree candidate is based on meeting the academic qualifications required of all students in the Graduate School plus an evaluation of the applicant’s potential for the profession of social work.

Applications are accepted or refused on the basis of breadth of background and experience or evidence of promise in the field of social work, as well as on academic preparation.

Applicants should be intellectually able, emotionally mature, interested in working with people, and potentially capable of assuming the heavy responsibilities which are inherent in social work.

The information provided in this section will serve as a guide for the application process. Included is information regarding admission requirements, process, required forms and application criteria.

Application Process

UConn School of Social Work uses an online self-managed application process. This process places the responsibility on the applicant for the collection and submission of all documents. You will receive frequent communication from both the UConn Graduate School and the UConn School of Social Work throughout the time as an applicant and an accepted student. It is important that all communication is reviewed and responded to in the appropriate manner.

Early Submission of Your Application

Early submission of your application is encouraged as there is a limited number of applicants that can be accepted. Since applicants not only apply for admission to the School, but to a specific concentration, early applications have a better chance of acceptance.

Ready to Apply?

Prior to beginning your application, it is strongly recommended that that you review all information on our How to Apply for MSW page.