University of Connecticut

Alumni Student Award

Virginia Ruiz

Virginia Ruiz recipient of the SSW Alumni Student Award

The Alumni Student Award is presented to a degree candidate who excels in the following areas:

  • Academic Performance: including areas of excellence, involvement in the school, field performance and tangible contributions
  • Contributions to Service: including professional service (practicum and/or social work employment), community service and volunteer work that demonstrate leadership qualities and/or ability to overcome obstacles
  • Future Potential: including special qualities, uniqueness and vision

This year’s recipient is Virginia Ruiz, Administration Concentration

Past Recipients of the Alumni Student Award are:

2014 Krystal Rich

2013 Elizabeth Sequenzia

2012 Seiya Fukuda

2011 Christopher Parker

2010 Linda Thorpe

2009 Shazia Chaudhry

2008 Sally Tamarkin

2007 Graciela Duarte Baker

2006 Jill Haga

2005 Christopher Reynolds

2004 Jessica Noel

2003 Lucy Brakoniecki

2002 Allon Kalisher

2001 Jose Garcia

2000 Lydia Cote

1999 Adina Rivera

1998 Lydia Brewster

1997 Amy Kale Peruccio

1996 Pamela Floyd-Cranford

1995 Mary E. Guzauckas

1994 Teresa Crimmins

1993 Thera Meehan