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Alysse Melville, MSW, LCSW

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Research Interests

Alysse Melville, MSW, LCSW is interested in exploring the developmental pathways of early childhood maltreatment and adversity, particularly in regards to self-regulation, executive functioning, and attachment. Alysse is interested in identifying the physiological markers that are attributed to early adversity, including in-utero stress exposure, intergenerational experiences of trauma, childhood poverty, and pre-verbal exposure to abuse and neglect. She is committed to highlighting the need for trauma-focused, developmentally-appropriate assessment and intervention within early childhood populations. Alysse is focused on specific protective functions of early attachment relationships, the processes of co-regulation and attunement, as potential points of intervention in restoring developmental trajectories and promoting resilience in trauma-exposed youth.

Alysse’s current research focuses on the relationship between pre-verbal exposure to adverse childhood experiences and adult health outcomes using a longitudinal secondary data set. Alysse is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, an endorsed Infant Mental Health Specialist, and a member of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.


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