University of Connecticut

FAQs – Financial Aid

When should I apply for financial aid?

The maximum consideration deadline is March 1st. It is always to your advantage to apply before or on the deadline. Work study is first come, first serve.

Should I wait until I know if I’ve been admitted to apply for financial aid?

It is recommended to apply for financial aid while applying for admission. Deadline to apply for federal aid is March 1st. Any application received after the deadline will be considered late.

I have had a recent change in my income. Can I receive additional financial assistance?

To apply for any additional aid, you will need to provide a letter explaining the circumstances and/or changes in your household. It is recommended to attach a Verification Worksheet, signed copy of your Federal Taxes, and any supporting documents you feel may help. The Office of Financial Aid will review all new information and offer you additional aid available.

How many credits must I take to be eligible for financial aid?

To qualify for traditional types of financial aid, you must be enrolled for five credits each semester. *Alternative education loans are available for students enrolled less than half-time.

If I’m in default on a federal education loan, can I still receive financial aid?

New federal regulations governing defaulted loans have made it easier for a student to get out of default on a loan and resume payment or defer the loan. Grant aid is available from the School as long as the student is making repayment on the defaulted loan. Documentation is necessary. Students with a defaulted loan should call the Office of Admission and Financial Aid for specific information.

I live with my parents. Will this affect my financial aid?

All graduate and professional school students are considered to be independent of their parents for federal financial aid. School’s funds are also based on the student’s information only; however; we do assume that your living costs are about 30% less than students who maintain a separate household.

When will I hear if I’ve been awarded financial aid?

Financial Aid will be processed once you are admitted to the school. All required documentation must be completed in order to be awarded. In the case of incomplete applications, you will receive a missing information notice to submit the necessary documentation. Please allow the office at least two weeks to complete the process. Financial Aid Awards will be notifying electronically.

My situation is really unusual. Is there anyone who can advise me?

Yes. The Office of Financial Aid is open from 8:30 to 4:30, Monday-Friday. You can call or email to make an appointment with the Financial Aid Administrator.

Are there scholarships?

The School also offers a number of competitive scholarships for which you can apply. Some of these scholarships are geared toward minority students. Application materials are available in November of each academic year. You do not have to be a financial aid applicant to apply.

I applied for financial aid last year. Can you reactivate my application?

No. Even students who have been enrolled for the current year must reapply for every subsequent year of enrollment. This is because students’ financial circumstances and family situations change from year to year and these changes have an effect on eligibility for financial aid.