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Jenna Powers, MSW

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Research Interests

Jenna Powers, MSW is a Research Assistant who will be working with Michael Fendrich, PhD around the design and evaluation of interventions for substance use, as well as Tanya Rhodes Smith, MSW around program development and evaluation as it relates to political social work. Other research interests revolve around innovative program development that coordinates preventive intervention through transdisciplinary research, evidence-based policy-making, and social workers as leaders within the political arena. Jenna is intrigued by research teams that bring together social workers, economists, and business and technology professionals as well as constituents from the target populations. This, to her, is social work practice that will make great progress toward alleviating poverty and social exclusion. As a researcher, Jenna’s goal is to conduct studies that may be utilized to directly benefit disadvantaged individuals and communities by using the data to support legislation and programmatic policies, provide grants with scientific backing, and inform social work practice.


University of New England

Curriculum Vitae

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