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Maureen Dimock, MSW, LICSW

Maureen Dimock, MSW, LICSW

Research Interests

Maureen Dimock, MSW, LICSW is currently working on a research study looking at how MSW students engage in political activity.  Maureen’s particular area of interest within this study is knowing how social work curriculum prepares students for political participation with specific focus on field education.  For her dissertation research, Maureen will be interviewing clinical social workers to gain a better understanding of how they respond in risk situations with clients.  In recent years’ social workers in most states have been asked to take a much more active role in initiating the process of involuntarily committing clients.  Maureen is interested in knowing what factors influence decision making, both implicitly and explicitly.  Her research will consider the micro perspective of weighing out individual risk along with a macro consideration of how a culture of risk and fear influences decision making.


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