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Diversity and Cultural Competence

Faculty Research Interests
S. Megan Berthold, PhD S. Megan Berthold, PhD
Assistant Professor
Torture; Health and Mental Health Outcomes in Cambodian Refugees; Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Immigrants; Human Rights and Social Work; International Social Work; Health Disparities; mHealth
Antonia Cordero, DSW Antonia Cordero, DSW
Associate Professor
Cultural Competence in Latino/a Studies and Practice; Child Welfare; Mental Health; Substance Abuse; Domestic Violence; Anti-violence Education; Leadership Development; Scholarship of Teaching
Michael Fendrich, PhD Michael Fendrich, PhD
Associate Dean for Research
Epidemiology of Substance Use in the Community; Measurement of “Sensitive Behavior”; Understanding the Links Between Substance Use and Sexual Risk Behavior Among MSM; Design and Evaluation of Interventions for Substance Use and Related Risk Behaviors
Ann Marie Garran, PhD, MSW, LCSW Ann Marie Garran, PhD, MSW, LCSW
Associate Professor
Culturally Responsive Social Work Practice; Mental Health Concerns of Urban, At-Risk Adolescents; Social Work Field Supervision; Developing & Enhancing Inclusive Approaches to Social Work Pedagogy; Anti-Oppression Work, Particularly Anti-Racism
Kathryn Libal, PhD Kathryn R. Libal, PhD
Associate Professor
Human Rights and Social Work; International Social Work; Social Welfare and the State; Women and Children’s Rights Movement; Middle East and Central Asia; Asylum Seekers, Refugees, and Migrant Workers
Catherine Medina, PhD Catherine Medina, PhD
Associate Professor
Predictors of HIV Testing for Low-Income Women of Color; Health/Mental Health Intervention Research; Integration of Mental Health Practices in After School Programs; Aging; Assessing Clinical Competencies in Field Education; Enhancing Cultural Competencies in Mental Health Policy/Practice
Louise Simmons, PhD Louise Simmons, PhD
Urban Politics and Policy; Community Organization; Urban Issues; Welfare Policy; Economic Rights and Labor; The Impact of Welfare Policy Changes; Labor and Social Work; Community-Labor Partnerships
Lisa Werkmeister Rozas, PhD Lisa Werkmeister Rozas, PhD
Associate Professor
Effects of Racism and Discrimination on Access to Health/Mental Health Care; Cultural Competence/Systems of Service Delivery; Cross-racial Dialogue
Cristina Wilson, PhD Cristina Wilson, PhD
Associate Professor
Latino Families and Parenting in at Risk Environments; Substance Use for Latino Youths and Adults; Intervention and Prevention Programs for Substance Use; Teen Pregnancy Prevention; Fathers in the Latino Community; Family Mechanisms and Factors That Play a Role in at Risk Behaviors; Children, Youth, and Adults with Disabilities