Alumni Leaders Making a Difference

Our alumni are advancing the School’s tradition of excellence and the mission of social work, across the state, nation, and world. The professional contributions of our alumni are a source of great pride to the School, and we are deeply grateful for their dedication and service. National Social Work Month is a fitting time to recognize the accomplishments of our alumni leaders making a difference.

Photo of Abigain Randow AmorimAbigail Randow Amorim
Founded Organization to Serve Brazilians and Brazilian-Americans Living in the U.S., MSW ’03
  C. Warren Moses
Leader of the Nation’s Largest Non-Profit, Non-Sectarian Children’s Services Organization, MSW ’67
Frank R. Baskind
Pioneer and Change Agent in Social Work Education Program
PhD, MSW ’71
  Photo of Natasha M. PierreNatasha M. Pierre
Improving the Lives of CT’s Women through Public Policy and Legislation,
MSW ’98
Photo of Joseph BissonJoseph Bisson
Hospital Vice President Making a Difference in the Lives of Patients and Broader Community, MSW ’93
  Edith G. Prague
Using Political Power for Positive Change,
MSW ’75
Photo of Gail C. ChamplinGail C. Champlin
A 42-year History of Working and Volunteering in Non-profit Agencies,
MSW ’68
  Photo of Carlos RiveraCarlos Rivera
Committed to Improving Life for the Citizens of Hartford,
MSW ’94
Photo of Robert P. ConnollyRobert P. Connolly
Developing National Health Policy Advocating for Medicare and Medicaid Recipients, MSW ’71
  Photo of Mayor Pedro SegarraPedro E. Segarra
Creating Meaningful and Lasting Change as the Mayor of Hartford, MSW ’82, JD ’85
Photo of Anne FoleyAnne Foley
Improving the Effectiveness of State Services Through Research and Policy Development, MSW ’87
  Honorable Jorge A. Simon
Social Work Lessons Guide Judicial Decisions, MSW ’79
Susan I. Hamilton
Leading the State’s Services for Children and Families, MSW ’92, JD
  Kerryann Tomlinson
Social Worker Scores in the Sports Arena, MSW ’94
Honorable Lubbie Harper, Jr.
Compelled to Be a Part of the Solution to the Issues of Poverty and Racism, MSW ’67, JD
  Jack C. Wall
A Leader in Social Work Higher Education, PhD, MSW ’74
Patrick J. Johnson, Jr.
CEO of One of the Largest Private, Non-Profit Organizations Providing Services for People with Disabilities, MSW ’72
  Patricia D. Wilcox
Specializing In Treatment of Traumatized Children and Their Families, MSW ’78
Photo of Maria D. MartinezMaria D. Martinez
Promotes Educational Opportunity and Access to Higher Education to Underrepresented Populations, MSW ’83 
  Photo of Patricia J. WricePatrica J. Wrice
Changing Public Policy to Keep Those in Need Warm and in the Light, MSW ’89
Photo of Robin McHaelenRobin McHaelen
Founded Organization that Hosts the World’s LGBT Youth Conference, MSW ’94