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Natasha M. Pierre

Alumni Natasha M. Pierre

Improving the Lives of CT’s Women through Public Policy and Legislation

Natasha M. Pierre, MSW ’98

Natasha Pierre is the Policy and Legislative Director at the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW). She researches and analyzes public policy issues on topics such as women and health care, welfare, pay equity, job training and employment, women and economic development, civil rights, women and the criminal justice system, educational equity, and human trafficking. As the legislative liaison for PCSW, she is responsible for identifying and formulating the agency’s legislative agenda. Natasha also represents PCSW on several statutorily appointed commissions, and community and state agency coalitions and collaborations.

Other Current and Past Leadership Positions:
Governor Appointed Member, Child Day Care Council
Commissioner, Commission for Child Support Guidelines
Commissioner, Commission on Health Equity
Board Member, Trinity Child Care Center
Staff Attorney, Connecticut Legal Services, Inc
AmeriCorps Attorney, Western Massachusetts Legal Services, Inc.

What inspired you to become a social worker?
I wanted to do advocacy work in conjunction with my legal work.

How has your education at the UConn SSW prepared you for your career? Was there one person or learning experience that had an impact on you?
I majored in policy and planning and am now working in that field. My community organization professors were wonderful instructors and relayed to real life actions.

What has been your most rewarding accomplishment as a leader?
Getting legislation passed to benefit women in the State of Connecticut.