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Humphreys Institute Campaign School

Campaign School 2017, School of Social Work, University of Connecticut

"I recently attended the Campaign School at the University of Connecticut.  I want to thank you for that tremendous experience, and for the impact that Kate Coyne-McCoy's presentation has had on me.  I have always loved politics and had considered entering political life, but now I am five steps closer to that reality than I was before.  You have given me the tools and framework to begin thinking about this realistically, as well as the inspiration and 'kick' to believe that this is possible. 

Thank you for your presence in Connecticut, and for all you do to bring progressive politics and women leaders to the forefront."

Kimberly Flash
Catonsville, Maryland

Campaign School
The Campaign School is an annual two-day workshop that trains social workers to run for elected office; to work in leadership positions at the local, state and federal levels; and/or serve as effective advocates for social change. Even those who do not have any current ambition to run for office are changed by the understanding of their own political power. Attendees meet political social workers, gain exposure to career paths in political settings and learn valuable skills that can be applied to any practice setting.

We recently completed Campaign School 2017 at the University of Connecticut's School of Social Work, hosting one hundred participants from fourteen states.  At the end of March, we will bring Campaign School to Florida Gulf Coast University, in collaboration with the FCGU Department of Social Work.  We are now planning Campaign School 2018.  Stay tuned for details.

US Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut at Campaign School 2017