NAHIPSW Campaign School

The Campaign School is a two-day workshop that teaches social workers about political campaign strategies and how to run successful political campaigns. Experienced and knowledgeable social workers such as Shannon Lane, MSW, Dr. Nancy A. Humphreys, and many other political social workers, serve as workshop leaders. The keynote speaker is Kate Coyne-McCoy, social worker and East Regional director for Emily’s List, leading organization working to elect progressive women to office. To date, the Campaign School has trained over 500 social workers from all over the country, many of whom have worked on campaigns or have run for office.

The first day of the Campaign School includes informational, interactive campaign training from regional director from Emily’s List, Kate Coyne-McCoy. Campaign School attendees receive an energetic, thorough walk-through of everything needed either to run a campaign or to volunteer on a campaign.

The second day of the Campaign School begins with a guest speaker from the Connecticut General Assembly; this speaker is either a member of the State Senate or State House of Representatives. Special guest legislators are trained social workers. Past Campaign School Legislative guests have included Representatives Toni Walker, MSW, and Kenneth Green, MSW.

The second day of the Campaign School also features an exercise designed to help participants formulate a five year plan for their futures in campaign work. Social work consultants are asked to host stations, to serve as experts, and to share their political experience with participants in an effort to help them frame their five year campaign plan. The stations include such topics as Fundraising, Advocacy, Legislative Staffing, Campaign Staffing, and Running for Office. Campaign School attendees are able to ask questions and receive valuable feedback from professional social workers in the fields of campaigning and policy practice.

Campaign School attendees receive a certificate of completion after attending both days of the Campaign School. Attendees leave with a solid knowledge base about how to run a successful campaign.

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Campaign School 2012

Photos of the 2012 Campaign School

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Campaign School 2010

Photos of the 2010 Campaign School

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