NAHIPSW Projects

Liason Projects

The Institute staff interacts as liaisons with like-minded organizations to advocate for human and civil rights. You may learn more about any of these organizations through the links below:

Past Projects

Carson Center

In 2002, the Institute has been invited by the Carson Center, a community-based mental health agency in Westfield, MA, to develop a political empowerment project designed to increase state funding for staff salaries and programs for clients. The goal of this project is to get staff and client voices heard and action taken on issues that affect the delivery of effective services to oppressed populations.

Groupwork Outreach

The interns at the Institute are offering a tailor made political empowerment program for UConn MSW students working with groups. Our Code of Ethics requires that we advocate for our clients. This program is an opportunity to advocate in another way – not only to meet your clients’ immediate needs, but also to work with them to change the system for longer-term solutions.

Midwest Campaign School

In 2004, a regional campaign school was held for the first time in the Midwest. This event was co-sponsored by both the Kansas and Nebraska NASW chapters. The format was similar to the University of Connecticut School of Social Work Campaign School. Guest speakers included Kate Coyne-McCoy and Dr. Nancy Humphreys. Discussions regarding future programming are in progress.