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Mission Statement

The Puerto Rican and Latino Studies Project helps prepare social workers to completely serve individuals, groups, families, and organizations within Latin@ communities through research, teaching, and service; to increase the advancement of knowledge and research regarding Puerto Rican and Latin@ matters.

Program Goals

  • Increase Latin@s recruitment, retention, and MSW degree completion
  • Train service providers
  • Disseminate research findings about issues affecting Puerto Ricans/Latin@s in Connecticut


Congratulations to Dr. Loida Reyes and Dr. Reinaldo Rojas for Defending Their Dissertation Defense

The subject of Dr. Loida Reyes’ dissertation is “Hartford Open Choice Students’ School Engagement: The Role of Individual Characteristics and School Attributes”

The subject of Dr. Reinaldo Rojas’ dissertation is “Community Development and its Socioeconomic Impact on a Latino Enclave: A Case study of the Frog Hollow neighborhood in Hartford, CT”

Project Faculty Members

Dr. Cristina Wilson, 2015–2017 Project Director
Dr. Antonia Cordero
Dr. Catherine Medina
Dr. Lirio K. Negroni
Dr. Lisa Werkmeister Rozas

Puerto Rican and Latin@ Studies Project (PRLSP)

The PRLSP was founded in 1980 under the leadership of Dr. Julio Morales as a model program funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). The mission of the project is to prepare social workers to competently serve the Latin@ community and to advocate and promote changes that safeguard and enhance the quality of life for Latin@ individuals, families and communities on local, regional and national levels.

Project Objectives

  • Establish a focus area of Puerto Rican/Latin@ Studies (courses) as part of the Social Work curriculum
  • Participate in community and institutional partnerships in order to promote the well-being and quality of life of Latin@ individuals, families and communities
  • Provide social service agencies with consultation on Latin@ client systems
  • Gather, utilize and disseminate information about issue related to Latin@s as a contribution to the Latin@ community
  • Advocate on behalf of the Latin@ community
  • Engage in research and scholarship around issue affecting Latin@s
  • Contribute to the empowerment of for Latin@ individuals, families and communities

Students have the opportunity to work with the Project as field work interns, work study students, mentees, and through the many programs that the Project sponsors throughout the year.

Contact Information

Puerto Rican and Latino Studies Project
University of Connecticut School of Social Work
1798 Asylum Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06117

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