Methods-based Curriculum

The UConn School of Social Work is unique. Here, you have the opportunity to pursue a methods-based specialization in social work practice. You can choose an area of concentration — Casework, Group Work, Community Organization, Administration, or Policy Practice. Within your chosen area of concentration, you will learn specific skills and practices as they apply in a variety of professional settings.

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Community Organization
Group Work
Policy Practice

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Students talk about their Method Concentration:

Paul Gaines, Jr.Administration
Paul Gaines, Jr.
Naomi BocarslyCasework
Naomi Bocarsly
Rio ComaduranCommunity Organization
Rio Comaduran
Vanessa MoralesGroup Work
Vanessa Morales
Brunilda FerrajPolicy Practice
Brunilda Ferraj
Kristen CharpentierAdvanced Standing
Kristen Charpentier