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Methods-based Curriculum

The UConn School of Social Work is unique. Here, you have the opportunity to pursue a concentration in social work practice. You can choose an area of concentration: Community Organization, Individuals, Groups & Families, or Policy Practice. Within your chosen area of concentration, you will learn specific skills and practices as they apply in a variety of professional settings.

Please note: The School of Social Work is undergoing a process of curriculum review and revision. Some changes to the curriculum are anticipated starting in the 2017-2018 academic year, with the possibility that currently offered concentrations may be restructured. Before then, all required courses for each concentration will be offered regularly, with the exception of any courses that do not have the required minimum student enrollment. In that case, alternative curriculum options will be provided so that affected students can complete their degrees on time.

Click a link below to learn more about the concentrations:
 (only available to students currently enrolled in the Administration Concentration)
Community Organization
Group Work*
Policy Practice

* Admission to Casework and Group Work concentrations will be offered for Summer 2017 enrollment.  For enrollment for Fall 2017 and beyond, Casework and Group Work will be merged to form the concentration Individuals, Groups and Families.

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