University of Connecticut

PhD Program

Professor Gitterman
“The doctoral program offers an exceptional preparation for historical, theoretical and empirical inquiry. Courses and advising are provided by outstanding scholars and leaders in the profession. Explore this exciting opportunity.”

Professor Alex Gitterman
Zachs Professor and Director of the Doctoral Program

If you are considering a postgraduate degree, UConn’s Doctoral Program in Social Work offers you a world of choices. You’ll gain a skill set that allows you to become a faculty member at a variety of colleges and universities; a researcher; a policy analyst; a planner; or high level administrator in public and private social service organizations.

The quality of the curriculum we offer is second to none. We are committed to these goals:

  • Expanding the social work knowledge base
  • Strengthening methodological sophistication and rigor for analysis, planning, implementation, and evaluation of social policies and program administration
  • Disseminating new analytical tools and understandings
  • Providing a resource for the social work community and offer technical support for programs of social change
  • Training current practitioners to become scholars, researchers, and educators
  • Working with other professions and community agencies to help improve social conditions
To pursue a doctoral level education in this field requires considerable effort and commitment. The University of Connecticut School of Social Work Ph.D. program provides an engaging, supportive environment for students to develop advanced scholarship and research skills to competently provide intellectual leadership to advance the profession of Social Work. Students can expand their social work knowledge base in specialized areas, strengthen critical thinking skills, and prepare for careers as educators and researchers in educational institutions and social service organizations.

For more information select a link, contact us and plan to attend one of our Admission events. We look forward to talking with you about your professional interests and goals.