Urban Semester, Undergraduate Offering

“Education is about much more than touching books, it’s about touching lives.”

- Senator Christopher Dodd

The Urban Semester Program offers students a tremendous opportunity for service learning and public service in Hartford. For over 30 years, students from diverse majors have combined classroom knowledge, internships and urban living, contributing to Hartford and helping solve social problems. Nowhere are urban challenges any greater than Hartford, Connecticut, a city full of both need and potential, struggle and hope – a city rich with diversity and urban culture, and poignant contrasts in wealth and poverty.

Student interns learn and work in the heart of the city’s human services, government agencies, community and non-profit organizations. Students in Urban Semester involve themselves in all the issues facing the city from education to homelessness and youth issues, the criminal justice system and the changing welfare system. They intern in school-related programs, shelters, advocacy organizations, political offices, state and local government and many other settings. In two weekly seminars, they study and explore issues further, with many community leaders as guest speakers and relevant field trips.

If you have interest in any of the following areas, then Urban Semester may be for you:

  • Human Services
  • State and Local Government
  • Community Organizing
  • Social Work
  • Advocacy & Research
  • Peace and Justice
  • Civil Rights
  • Environmental Justice
  • Community Media
  • Urban Problems
  • The Justice System
  • Welfare Rights
  • Women’s Issues
  • Youth Development & more…
Click here to see the coursework and requirements for the Urban Semester Program.
For more information contact:

Storrs Recruiting Office
323 Center for Undergraduate Education, U-2196
Phone: 860-486-5997

Louise Simmons, Director
UConn School of Social Work
Greater Hartford Campus