University of Connecticut

Mental Health

The Coordinator of Disabilites Support Services, Marilyn Cardone, is available to assist with referrals when needed and should be notified if there is an urgent situation. Her office is located in Room 110, or you can contact her at or 860-570-9157.

There are several hospitals, agencies, and professionals in the area that provide mental health care. Payment for mental health services is subject to any limitations and maximums that exist in each student’s individual health insurance contract. The Rapid Assessment Service at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center provides urgent assessment and intervention for School of Social Work students. For a referral, contact the Coordinator of Disabilities Support Services.

Other providers include the following:

Infoline Dial 211 (Available 24/7)
Infoline Suicide/Crisis Hotline Dial 211 (Available 24/7)
or 800-203-1234 (toll free)
Hartford Hospital 860-545-5000
909-877-8264 (toll free)
Institute of Living 860-545-7000
(800) 673-2411 (toll free)
Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center 860-714-4000
800-251-6474 (toll free)
University of Connecticut Health Center 860-679-6700
Village for Families and Children 860-297-0555
Wheeler Clinic 888-793-3500 (toll free)