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PhD Annual Review Policy

The doctoral committee has developed the following procedure to keep connected with doctoral students who have completed the dissertation seminar. We want to make sure you have sufficient structural supports to complete your dissertation proposal and dissertation.

Steps in the Annual Review Process:

Step 1: Doctoral student forwards to her/his major advisor a brief statement (1-2 pages), which outlines the student’s progress on the dissertation proposal and/or dissertation activities since the previous annual review. Students who just completed the fall semester dissertation seminar should report activities completed during the following semester.  The major advisor needs to receive the student statement by no later than the 4th Friday in April of each year.

Step 2: The major advisor and the student will discuss the student’s progress.

Step 3: All major advisors and the faculty members of the doctoral committee will meet in May of each year to discuss each student’s progress and whether any additional supports are required.