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Student ID & NetID

All UConn students are assigned two identification numbers:

  • Student ID and
  • NetID

Your NetID Number

YourNetID Number gives you access to the Student Administration System (also known as PeopleSoft). All UConn students have been assigned a NetID which allows you access to several functions within our on-line Student Administration System.

Your NetID allows you access to:

  • Add/Drop or Swap courses,
  • View and print your class schedule, final grades and unofficial transcript,
  • Review your financial account and any holds placed on your record,
  • Submit payments via credit card (MasterCard, Diner’s Club, Discover, American Express) or E-Check
  • Update your personal information (address and telephone numbers),
  • View the Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes.

How to Access the Student Administration System

Go to the Student Administration System

You have been assigned an initial password which is:

  • The letter “W” (upper case)
  • followed by your six-digit date of birth in MMDDYY order
  • followed by an exclamation point (!)

For example, someone born on March 14, 1975 would have a password of “W031475!”. For security reasons, we strongly recommend that you change your password the first time you log in. This password expires every 120 days (please update periodically).

Navigating the Student Administration System

Detailed instructions for navigating the system are available at If you encounter any problems logging in or need further assistance after you have reviewed the tutorial in the student administration system and the Registration Tips below, please call the School of Social Work Registrar’s Office at 860-570-9049 or 860-570-9053.

Access to Google Apps@UConn & HuskyCT

New students will receive a NetID letter that will provide instructions on how to set an initial NetID password. Students use their date of birth (format mmddyyyy) and the last 4 digits of their social security number to set their initial password. Students will also be required to set secret questions and answers for security purposes. If you encounter any problems, please call the UConn IT Department Help Line at 860-486-4357(HELP). Press any key to start the voice menu, then press 4 for ID & password help.

Your NetID will allow you access to the following:

  • Google Apps@UConn: the official UConn student email system
  • HuskyCT: An on-line course management system used at UConn. Faculty/adjuncts may use the “course tools” to post pre-class assignments, syllabus, reading materials and facilitate discussions outside of class.

For instructions on how to use Google Apps@UConn and HuskyCT – Log into:

Note: The University reserves the right to communicate official business matters to students exclusively by Google Apps@UConn. Therefore, you should check your UConn email account often. If it becomes full, subsequent messages will not be delivered.

Pre-Assignments – Instructors requiring a pre-assignment will send this information via Google Apps@UConn or post the information in HuskyCT two weeks prior to the first class meeting.

Registration Tips

Pre-requisites – Courses that require a successful completion of a previous course. Courses that require a pre-requisite are noted on the semester schedule.

Co-Requisites – Each Method Concentration has required courses and specific courses that you need to register for concurrent with others within a semester. Co-requisites need to be entered in the same enrollment (enter all course #’s before you hit submit) or you will receive an error message.

The Student Administration System (PeopleSoft) is programmed to assist you with course registration – the system will not let you make a mistake. When your Method Concentration is entered upon admission, the required courses and the courses you will need to complete each semester (co-requisites) are programmed into your account.

Error Message – The PeopleSoft program will indicate an error message due to:

  • you have not entered a co-requisite course (Note: Field and method courses must be entered in the same enrollment)
  • the course you have entered is a required course in a different method concentration
  • the course you have entered is closed
  • attempting to register for a course without having fulfilled the pre-requisite
  • registering for more than 17 credits

Tip: Co-requisites need to be entered in the same enrollment (enter all course #’s before you hit submit) or you will receive an error message!

Field Placements

First Year Field Students (Foundation Year – students register under FED 5351)
The Field Seminar courses (FED 5301 & FED 5310) will be administratively entered through the Registrar’s Office.

Second Year Field Students (Advanced Field – students register by method concentration)
ADMN, CORG, CSWK, GRWK, POPR (course # 5353)

Tip: The registration will not be processed without the correct Field Subject Area & Class Number (1st year field = FED 5351) (2nd year field = Method Concentration 5353)

Fall 2010 Semester Co-Requisites

First Year Field

FED 5351 with BASC 5390 & BASC 5391 – Pre or co-requisites BASC 5360 & BASC 5361

Second Year Field

The Field course number for all Methods is 5353 (Fall semester)

Examples of co-requisites: ADMN 5302 & POPR 5310, GRWK 5302, POPR 5310, CSWK 5302
Additional Method Course (optional): CORG 5312, CSWK 5345/5346, GRWK 5311

Service Indicators

A service indicator will prevent access to your student account.
– Call Campus Cashiers Office 860-570-9020
– Call Joanne Donati 860-570-9295