School of Social Work endorses National Conference to Create Living Wage Jobs

The University of Connecticut School of Social Work is an endorser of the National Conference to Create Living Wage Jobs, Meet Human Needs & Sustain the Environment. “This initiative brings focus to critical issues facing our country”, says School of Social Work Dean, Salome Raheim.

The Conference will be held in New York City on Friday and Saturday, November 13 -14, 2009.  The conference will address the following topics:

  • The current crisis in unemployment and underemployment;
  • Faith and community perspectives on living wage jobs and decent work;
  • Underinvestment in physical infrastructure and public services;
  • Creating jobs that meet human needs and improve infrastructure;
  • Defending and expanding public sector jobs for a strong economy;
  • Green jobs and environmental sustainability;
  • Developing a legislative program for job creation and economic renewal
  • Building a broad-based social movement to create living wage jobs for everyone who wants to work and achieve full employment.

The conference will develop goals and strategies to create living-wage jobs for all and meet human needs in an environmentally sustainable economy.

The National Jobs for All Coalition, the conference’s initial convenor and sponsor, is committed to building a new movement for full employment at livable wages. This goal unites a diverse group of otherwise divided, single-issue constituencies. The Coalition includes individuals and organizations with a wide range of interests–workers’, women’s, children’s and seniors’ rights, civil rights, and economic justice. Others work on health care, the environment, economic conversion, are academics, social workers and lawyers, artists or simply concerned individuals.

Conference Promotional Booklet with Call to Action & Endorser List (PDF)