Leaders Making a Difference – Kerryann Tomlinson

Kerryann Tomlinson is the Vice President of Community Relations, MSG Sports. She is responsible for strategic planning, and creation and execution of all Knicks, Rangers and Liberty community based initiatives, including developing unique CR partnerships, expanding existing programs, developing a consistent long-term community relations plan for the teams, developing a branding & communications program to garner maximum exposure and the financial administration of all community programs and overall departmental budget.
Kerryann Tomlinson, MSW ’94
Vice President of Community Relations, MSG Sports

What other leadership positions do you currently hold or have you held in the past?

SCO Family of Services Board Member (non-profit that works with children and families), present

Goodwill Industries of Arizona Board Member

What inspired you to become a social worker?

I wanted to help others, change lives and give people an outlet to not only share their problems and concerns, but to truly discover themselves and develop their character.

How has your education at the UConn SSW prepared you for your career? Was there one person or learning experience that had an impact on you?

I believe social work is helpful in any profession because it allows you the skills to observe others, while assessing your own reactions. It also provides you with a greater understanding of human behavior, in order to determine the best approach to any situation. Because I deal with many different groups, organizations and individuals, the ability to understand human behavior and assess people’s needs is a vital asset.

What has been your most rewarding accomplishment as a leader?

My most rewarding accomplishment was recently being asked to participate on a panel at the Sports Facilities & Franchises Street & Smith Business Journal Conference in 2008. Earlier in my career, it was being asked to participate in the Salzburg Leadership Conference in 1997.