Gift in Memory of Wife Ensures a Legacy of Caring

In a long career at UConn as a professor of fine arts and the director of the William Benton Museum of Art, Salvatore Scalora ’71 has seen the power of philanthropy.

Today, Scalora and his family personify it in their tribute to his late wife, Mary Scalora ’80, ’92, by creating and supporting a fund to help students following her footsteps in social work.

Sal Scalora, former director of the Benton Museum, and his late wife Mary. Photo supplied by the UConn Foundation

Mary Scalora graduated from UConn in 1980 to become a teacher, but soon realized that the social problems her students experienced at home were negatively impacting their ability to learn.

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Courtesy of UConn Today
May 13, 2010
By: John Sponauer