Dierdra Oretade, 2nd Year Casework Student, elected to serve as the 1st Vice President of the NABSW Office of Student Affairs

Dierdra Oretade, 2nd year Casework Student, was elected to serve as the 1st Vice President of the National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) Office of Student Affairs (OSA) for the term of 2010-2011. NABSW, created during the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement, is one of the nations foremost advocacy groups designed to promote the welfare, survival, and liberation of the Black Community.

Dierdra Oretade, 2nd Year Casework Student
With over 100 membership chapters and more than 30 university and college student chapters throughout the United States and the Caribbean, this organization advocates for social change and social justice at the national, state, and local level. As 1st Vice President, some of Ms. Oretade’s responsibilities include: coordinating all student activities and community service projects for all student chapters within the U.S. and the Caribbean for the national conference, student liaison between the student chapters and the National Board, and Chair of the OSA Conference Committee and Community Service Committee. This is a great accomplishment for Ms. Oretade, the Casework method, the school and the University.