Amy Kioko Featured on UConn Today

Amy Kioko is enthusiastic about her time at the School of Social Work.

“UConn School of Social Work has offered me opportunities that I never would have had anywhere else,” she says, “incorporating a curriculum that has taught me so much more about what it means to be a human being with the power to make a difference.”

She will graduate from in May with a master’s degree in social work administration, with focused areas of study in international social work, and women and children in families.

Amy Kioko. Photo by Jessica Tommaselli

“[Social work is] one of the best degrees you can get,” Kioko says. “You can do so many things with social work: case work, group work, community organizing, administration and political/policy social work, even international social work. It is a very versatile degree and can open many doors for you.”

Kioko, who was born in Kenya, says she has always been attracted to the field. “My family is very involved in the human service field. I’ve been engaged in it a long time. Naturally the next step was to get a master’s degree in social work.”

She has a bachelor’s degree in pre-law and human behavior from the United States International University in San Diego, Calif., and a paralegal certificate in litigation from UConn.

As an MSW student, Kioko says, she enjoyed interacting with the faculty. “I connected with a lot of the professors. They have been helpful, supportive, and inspiring. They really push you to open your mind and expand your thinking. I’ve learned so much, not only about issues in Connecticut and the United States, but also about the world and human rights overall.”

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