Robin McHaelen MSW ’94 Co-Authors Book on Sexuality & Gender Diversity

A Sexuality & Gender Diversity Training Program: Increasing the Competency of Mental Health Professionals co-authored by Rebekah Jackson, Kathy McCloskey and Robin McHaelen (Professional Resource Press, 2011).

“This book represents 20 years of my experience in helping child welfare professionals and clinicians develop cultural competency in working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth!” said Robin McHaelen MSW ’94, Executive Director of True Colors, Inc.

Image of Robin McHaelen
Robin McHaelen, MSW '94, Executive Director of True Colors, Inc.

This new release will go a long way in heightening the awareness and understanding of mental health professionals concerning the many diverse sexual orientations of their clients. In the manual, the authors discuss the difficulty involved in defining sexuality and gender diversity (SGD) and the necessity of training mental health professionals to recognize these sometimes subtle differences. They present an historical background in SGD socially and politically. The last chapter introduces the 10-session training program contained on the CD-ROM.

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