Dr. Catherine Medina Elected Vice Chair

Dr. Catherine Medina was recently elected Vice Chair of the Connecticut Commission on Health Equity (CHE). In this role she will provide leadership within the Commission to collaborate with community based agencies to design and evaluate health equity models that address key social and physical determinants associated with health disparities.

Dr. Catherine Medina

Since 1981, Dr. Medina has worked on several policies related to increasing health equity through various leadership positions, active involvement in prevention campaigns, advocating for the right to health care, and promoting mentoring for graduate students to advocate for access to health care. She is a strong promoter for increasing health literacy, and removing structural inequalities that are at the root of health inequities. Dr. Medina believes that health is a right for all Connecticut’s residents.

By establishing the Commission in 2008 (Public Act No. 08-171), the Connecticut General Assembly acknowledged that equal enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is a human right and a priority of the state. The legislation recognizes that Connecticut residents experience barriers to the equal enjoyment of good health based on race, ethnicity, gender group, sexual orientation and linguistic ability; and that addressing such barriers requires data collection, analysis and the development and implementation of policy solutions. The purpose of CHE is to effect legislation and work collaboratively with state agencies and communities to improve the health outcomes of residents and eliminate health disparities.