Professor Emeritus Archibald Stuart Publishes Book

Putting Universal Human Rights to Work: Policy Actions in the Struggle for Social Justice is the title of Archibald Stuart’s new book (University Press of New England, 2012).

As President Obama and his adversaries in the Republican Party debate “fairness” and economic inequality, this timely book addresses policy actions Americans can take to reduce inequality and increase social justice in all important areas of social life—jobs, wages, education, housing, civil rights, nutrition, healthcare, and social welfare.

Based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Dr. Stuart defines social justice as the promotion of socio-economic equality, universal human rights, and social security. He views its achievement as a struggle between the two competing American ideologies: laissez-faire conservatism and social liberalism. After dissecting the strengths and weaknesses of each ideology, he concludes that liberalism may be seen as more conducive to conditions that promote human rights, social security, and economic growth and equality. From his analysis Dr. Stuart proposes policies to increase social justice, analyzes the feasibility of implementing them in light of current social trends, and presents organizing principles Americans can use to create political actions that can bring about the needed policy changes.

This book is important for all Americans concerned about solutions to our most important social problems, and is required reading for courses dealing with social justice, human rights, public policies, and welfare issues in colleges, law schools, seminaries, and other institutions concerned about social justice.