Milagros Marrero-Johnson Will Head the Latino/a Social Workers Network

Milagros Marrero-Johnson, MSW, Director of Student Services at the UConn SSW has been appointed as the new chairperson for the Latino/a Social Workers Network of the NASW CT Chapter effective November 1, 2013. As a committee chair, she will work to ensure the Network continues to effectively support Latino/a social workers and advocate for their needs, as well as those of the Latino/a community at large.Milagros is excited about this new opportunity to provide leadership and support to NASW.

“I am pleased to be in a leadership position where I can continue my work as an agent of change for the Latino/a community.  My predecessors have worked diligently to maintain the visibility of the Latino/a population and I plan to continue these efforts.” Milagros was the former co-chair of the chapter’s original Community Organizers Network.