Ashley Walker, MSW Student, Receives Award

MSW student Ashley Walker was awarded the Extraordinary Bookshare Group Facilitator for 2014 from South Side Family Resource Center a program of the Bristol Public School system. Ashley is the first UConn SSW student to receive this recognition.

Ashley Walker, MSW Student

Ashley just completed her first year internship as a Group Work concentration student with a Focused Area of Study in Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Her internship was at South Side Family Resource Center. Ashley was responsible for several tasks including, running the school’s food back-pack program where backpacks were filled with non-perishable food items, and sent home each weekend, to help extend each family’s food budget. She met with two mentees weekly, to assist them in identifying personal development goals and also co-facilitated a social skills group with the school’s psychologist.

In addition, Ashley facilitated a 5th Grade Leadership Group guiding the students to work together as a team to address the literacy needs of students and assist them in establishing the first ever 5th grade newsletter, Eagle News. Her work with students in this group earned her the Extraordinary Bookshare Group Facilitator award. The 5th grade students expanded their reading, writing, interviewing, photography and creative expression skills while working on the newsletter for their peers. The newsletter was positively received by the students, school staff and administrators.

Ashley’s field instructor, Linda Rich stated “Ashley will bring a wealth of insight, commitment and vision to the social work profession. She empowers her clients to excel and her sense of humor is a breath of fresh air to all who know her. It has been a pleasure to supervise her this year.”