Dr. Lynne Healy Accepts Katherine Kendall Award in Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Lynne Healy, UConn Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, Chair of the Administration Concentration, and founding Director of the Center for International Social Work Studies was awarded The Katherine A. Kendall Memorial Award for 2014. The award was established to recognize distinguished international contributions to social work education at the international level.
Lynne Healy at the podium giving the Katherine Kendall Memorial Address
Dr. Healy has published on internationalizing social work curricula, international social work, human rights, human service agency management, and ethics. Her most recent publications are:

M.C. Hokenstad, L.M. Healy, S.A. Segal (Editors). (2013). Teaching Human Rights: Curriculum Resources for Social Work Educators. Alexandria, VA: Council on Social Work

S. Gatenio-Gabel & L.M. Healy (Editors). (2012) Globalization and Social Work Education. Special Issue. Journal of Social Work Education. 48:4.

L.M. Healy and R. J. Link (Editors) (2012) Handbook on International Social Work: Human Rights, Development and the Global Profession. New York: Oxford University Press.

Dr. Healy chairs the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) Human Rights Committee, and represents the IASSW on the United Nations NGO Committee for Social Development, and the Subcommittee on Poverty Eradication; previously, she served IASSW as Secretary and Vice-President. She also serves on the editorial boards or advisory committees of 7 professional journals.
From the left, Lena Dominelli, Vishanthie Sewpaul, Lynne Healy, Sue Lawrence
As the recipient of the award, Dr. Healy was invited to give the Katherine Kendall Memorial Address. She spoke on Ensuring Rights, Inclusion and Equality: A Holistic Post-2015 Agenda for Social Work. This presentation emphasized a more holistic approach to promoting equality, giving emphasis to human rights and social inclusion and bringing the major goals of the Social Work Global Agenda together. The keynote promoted the legacy of Katherine Kendall, who believed deeply in the capacity of social work, social work education, and the international professional organizations to contribute to the work of the United Nations and to human well-being on the global scale.

Dr. Healy’s Faculty Profile: http://ssw.uconn.edu/faculty-listing/lynne-healy-ph-d