Dr. Julianne Wayne Awarded the Florence W. Vigilante Award for Scholarly Excellence

Congratulations to Julianne Wayne for being selected the recipient of the second annual Florence W. Vigilante Award for Scholarly Excellence in recognition of the best article published in Volume 33 (2013) of the Journal of Teaching in Social Work. The award is given annually in honor of the founding editor of the Journal. Dr. Julianne Wayne, Director of Field EducationThe article, authored with Marian Bogo, titled, “The Implicit Curriculum in Social Work Education: The Culture of Human Interchange” was selected “based on its outstanding scholarship and creativity”. Taylor & Francis, the journal publishers, will be highlighting this achievement at their display at the forthcoming CSWE APM meeting this fall.

Dr. Wayne’s Faculty Profile: http://ssw.uconn.edu/faculty-listing/julianne-wayne-ed-d