The 28th Annual Employee Appreciation Week

Employee Appreciation Week was held April 13-17, 2015. Each year, employees who provided 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45+ years of continuous state service as of October 1, receive recognition awards. These awards are given in appreciation for their dedication and commitment to the University and the State of Connecticut.


Some of the staff listed are School of Social Work staff and faculty located in the CT Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services, Research Division or in the CT Department of Social Services, Office of Organizational and Skill Development.

10 Years
Marilyn Cardone
Scott Harding
Kathryn Libal
Milagros Marrero-Johnson
Rebecca Thomas
Lisa Werkmeister Rozas

15 Years
Diana Ditunno
Alex Gitterman
Cheryl Jackson-Morris
Brenda Kurz
John Levesque
Hsiu-Ju Lin
Hiram Negron Roman

20 Years
Dorota Camacho
Nina Heller
Beth Sharkey

25 Years
Andrea Alfano
Diane Drachman
Darleen Klase

30 Years
Joanne Donati
Pamela Harrison
Sandra Worrell

35 Years
Lynne Healy
David Porteous

40 Years
Hugh Smolin