VPR Awards Faculty Three SFF Grants in 2015

The UConn Vice President for Research awarded three Scholarship Facilitation Fund (SFF) Grants to SSW faculty this calendar year.  The grants, which ranged from around $1200 to $2,000 per award, will facilitate the growth of extramural research and increase scholarly publications produced by faculty.  The most recent award, announced in July, 2015, was made to Dr. Cristina Mogro-Wilson, Associate Professor.  Dr. Wilson will further pilot research that explores how parenting differs by child gender among Puerto Rican fathers.   Dr. Wilson will use the published findings from this research to inform a planned grant submission to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

In the spring of 2015, the VPR awarded two additional SFF grants to UConn faculty including one to Dr. Rebecca Thomas, Associate Professor and one to Dr. Michael Fendrich, Professor and Associate Dean for Research.  Dr. Thomas is using this award to expand her ongoing research exploring the role of immigrant and migrant businessmen as “economic engines” in the Park Road sections of Hartford/West Hartford.  Dr. Fendrich’s grant was used to support a training workshop for SSW faculty and Ph.D. students on NVivo software for qualitative data analysis.

Michael Fendrich, PhD, Associate Dean for Research
Michael Fendrich, PhD Associate Dean for Research
Cristina Wilson, PhD Rebecca L. Thomas, PhD