Helping Asylum-Seekers Prepare for the Courts

S. Meghan Berthold, Ph.D.
S. Megan Berthold, PhD
Assistant Professor

A group of UConn students and faculty from the Schools of Law and Social Work will spend their spring break, next week, offering free legal and psychosocial assistance to female asylum-seekers from Central America being held at a federal immigration detention center in York, PA.

The social work team is led by Dr. Megan Berthold, a nationally recognized scholar of mental health outcomes among traumatized refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants, and Dr. Kathryn Libal, who also directs UConn’s Human Rights Institute. They will conduct psychosocial evaluations to buttress the credibility of some women’s personal statements, and will research country conditions related to specific cases.

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Kathryn R. Libal, PhD
Kathryn R. Libal, PhD
Associate Professor