Grant to Improve Pain Self-Management

Michael Fendrich, PhD
Michael Fendrich, PhD
Associate Dean for Research

Dr. Michael Fendrich, Associate Dean for Research, is a co-investigator on a recently awarded, 5-year, NIH/National Institute of Nursing Research grant for over $1 Million.  The grant, awarded to Dr. Angela Starkweather of the UConn School of Nursing, focuses on building teams of researchers who can investigate strategies for enhancing the self-management of pain.  Sharing leadership of the center’s administrative core with Starkweather, Fendrich will help to develop resources for the center that will strengthen research capacity and enhance the quality of the pilot studies.  This grant will  enhance collaboration on health related research between the School of Social Work and the College of Nursing.

According to Fendrich “We already have ongoing collaborations between our faculty and other School of Nursing health intervention projects.  For example, Dr. Catherine Medina plays a major role in the federally funded ‘Got Care’ grant which is based in the School of Nursing.  This new center grant will help to build new opportunities for bridging  social work and state-of-the art health research.  Over the next five years, I look forward to working closely with Dr. Starkweather and with College of Nursing Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Jackie McGrath to find new opportunities for connecting SSW students and faculty to grant-related research studies.”