MSW Field Education

Field education gives students insight into the wide range of social work settings where graduates may become employed. By working in the field with social work professionals who are qualified UConn Field Instructors, students have the opportunity to integrate theory with practice. Students in the Master of Social Work program participate in two field education internships:

  • The Foundation (first year) internship is designed to provide a generalist perspective of social work practice through a wide range of field assignments.

  • The Advanced (second year) internship focuses primarily on the student’s concentration.


An Array of Options for Field Education

Students complete two different 560-hour internships.  The student must spend at least 8 hours per week at the agency during traditional weekday 9:00-5:00 work hours.  Internship options allow for flexibility including:

  • 15 or 20 hours per week.
  • A second year block placement for qualified students in Individual, Group & Family or Community Organization concentrations.
  • An Employed Social Work field placement may be available for students: Employed Social Work 2018
  • An International field placement for qualified second year students only: International Field Placements 

For More Information

MSW Background Check FAQ Sheet (11-14-18)

Please contact the Field Education department with your questions regarding options, requirements and policies:
(959) 200-3636