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Welcome to the University of Connecticut School of Social Work!

Edna Comer

Edna Comer, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

We are thrilled to learn of your interest in our program. If you are looking for an educational experience that will be both fulfilling and exciting, and if you are committed to addressing human suffering and challenging different forms of oppression, we are confident the UConn School of Social Work is the place for you.

When you come to UConn, expect to be challenged and stimulated as you develop the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective agent for social change. Your internships will challenge you to put your developing knowledge into action. You will work with clients, groups and communities from diverse backgrounds, in a variety of settings, both public and private.

Here at UConn, we thrive on diversity, in our students, in our faculty, in our clients, and in our curriculum. The School of Social Work is a tight-knit community. You will work closely with the faculty and your peers in small classes and in a wide variety of service settings. Learn more about the programs we offer and the distinguishing features of our academic community if you are just beginning your search.

The University of Connecticut School of Social Work offers these programs:

  • BSW
  • MSW
  • PhD
  • Non-Degree Program which offers credit courses on a non-matriculating basis;
  • Continuing Education programs include a variety of one-day seminars and post-graduate certificate programs. Continuing Education Credits (CECs) are available for most of these programs.

Now that you are acquainted with our program and ready to apply click below:

We want to make this a positive and enriching experience for you. Feel free to contact us directly for any information and assistance you need as you make your decision as to which school of social work is best for you. We will do all we can to help you make the right choice. We look forward to working with you.

Edna Comer, PhD
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs