Research on Military Recruitment Programs

Scott Harding, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Assoicate ProfessorDr. Scott Harding has researched the movement to counter military recruitment programs in public high schools. “It’s a neglected issue that needs to be highlighted so that we can have a more informed discussion about what it means to allow recruiters into schools to convince 16- and 17- year olds to join the military” he says. “Many people are comfortable with it, many oppose it, but there’s also a large group who don’t know its happening.” He interviewed more than 70 counter-recruitment activists in 24 cities across the country, and his book, Counter-Recruitment and the Campaign to De-Militarize Public Schools (Palgrave Macmillan), co-authored with Seth Kershner of Northwestern Connecticut Community College, is a result of this work.

Child Welfare Research with State Agencies

Megan FeelyWorking with staff and volunteers from the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, Dr. Megan Feely is developing a well-being assessment for children in foster care, designed for use by child advocates. The assessment will be based in part on two years of state data on more than 1,000 children in foster care in Missouri. “There are some existing child assessments, but they do not capture the family relationships specific to foster care, and we want to include those issues,” Dr. Feely says.

In a separate project, Dr. Feely is studying the implementation of prenatal support programs for women who become pregnant while they are clients of the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. She is surveying clinicians to gather their views of the program, including whether or not they refer clients to the program.


Dr. Werkmeister Rozas Appointed BSW Director

Lisa Werkmeister Rozas, PhD
Lisa Werkmeister Rozas, PhD
Associate Professor

Dean Nina Heller announced the appointment of Dr. Lisa Werkmeister Rozas as Director of the newly established Bachelor of Social Work Program. “Lisa brings great excitement and energy to this project and her earlier practice experience, scholarship and teaching of diversity and anti-oppressive practice bring important perspectives and skills to generalist bachelors level social work,” said Heller.

We will launch our new BSW program in the Fall of 2018 as the signature undergraduate program for the Hartford Campus. Students will apply as sophomores for admittance in their junior year and will complete field internships in units within the city. Qualified graduates are then eligible to apply for our Advanced Standing MSW program. The addition of the BSW program makes us the only school in Connecticut to offer the BSW, MSW and PhD degrees.

Dr. Megan Berthold Resilience in the Face of Evil

Professor Megan Berthold was a clinical social worker in California, working with survivors of torture from many countries including those who survived the Cambodian genocide, when a judge in federal immigration court reached the limit of endurance.

Berthold had psychologically evaluated a genocide survivor from Cambodia who was seeking asylum in the United States, and had prepared a detailed report on the torture and other traumas the person had suffered, as well as the psychological impact of those experiences. But when Berthold took the stand to testify as an expert witness, the judge said she didn’t want to hear any more about the trauma: she had read the report, and that was enough.

But the judge did have a question for Berthold: How was she able to do her job without breaking?

Resilience in the Face of Evil


Dr. Lynne Healy Inducted to the NASW Pioneer Program

Lynne HealyDr. Lynne Healy was recently inducted into the NASW Social Work Pioneers program for her prolific career in international social work. She has written extensively on international social work and has consistently held leadership positions in NASW, the Council on Social Work Education, and the International Association of Schools of Social Work. She is the founding director of the SSW’s Center for International Social Work Studies and a board of trustees distinguished professor.






School of Social Work Will Offer a BSW

Nina Heller
Nina Rovinelli Heller, PhD

The Bachelor’s of Social Work (BSW) program was approved by the Board of Trustees last Wednesday and makes UConn the first public university in Connecticut to offer a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in social work. “We will admit our first class of twenty-five students in the fall of 2018” says Dean Nina Heller.

School of Social Work to Add Bachelor’s Program

SSW Receives HRSA Training Grant

Catherine Medina
Catherine Medina, PhD
Associate Professor

The School of Social Work secures almost $1 million in HRSA Behavioral Health Workforce Training funds for the next four years. Each year, twenty master’s students will be placed in field assignments focused on moving Social Work into settings where primary care is integrated with behavioral health. Students will receive a stipend, take courses that focus on integrating primary care and behavioral health across the lifespan, and enroll in a clinical seminar that will enhance their learning and practice. This training grant will provide a rich interprofessional opportunity for our students and faculty to partner with Wheeler Clinic, UConn Health, UConn School of Nursing, and the UConn School of Pharmacy.  The School of Social Work will also be developing new sites for collaboration in the coming months. Dr. Catherine Medina is the PI and Dr. Edna Comer is Co-PI.



Edna Comer
Edna Comer, PhD
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Associate Professor