Helping Parents Navigate the New Normal: Promoting a Child’s Social and Emotional Wellness

Deborah Poerio, DNP, APRN, FNP-BCRegister for CE programs now
Wednesday, October 27, 2021
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
2 CECs

$40 – UConn SSW Alumni and Current Field Instructors
$50 – All Others

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The past year and a half have brought about unprecedented transitions for families and many parents find themselves in uncharted waters. Unanticipated life challenges, added roles to parental responsibilities, social isolation, and fear of the unknown have increased stress for both parents and children. Participants will examine these remarkable transitions and their impact on preschoolers (2 – 5 years) and parents. The webinar will incorporate approaches from ADAPT©, a multidimensional community wide evidence-based, screening, assessment, and therapeutic intervention program.

Through lecture and the use of case scenarios, participants will:

  • review the normal growth and development for Preschoolers (2 – 5 years)
    • identify common deviations and the methods children use to express deviations
    • learn about effective interventions and valuable resources to address behavioral issues

Relieve Anxiety with Emotional Freedom Technique – Theory and Practice

Catherine Ewing, LCSW, MDivRegister Now for CE programs now

Wed, Feb 23, 1 – 3:30 pm & Wed, March 9, 1 – 2:30 pm
4 CECs

$80 – UConn SSW Alumni and Current Field Instructors
$100 – All Others

Webinar link will be emailed when your registration is complete.

Life as we’ve known it has been turned upside down and inside out.  Change, loss, fear and uncertainty all add to our already high stress levels and worrisome thoughts. Based on feedback from her previous Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) presentations, Catherine Ewing expanded this program to a 2-part webinar. In the first session, you will learn the basics of EFT (tapping).  We will explore how it can relieve anxiety and help bring our clients and ourselves back to a place of inner peace.

In the second session, we will have an opportunity to share our tapping experiences during the previous two weeks, ask questions, and have time for additional practice.  If time permits, we will do a group tapping experience based on the energy of the group and what feels most helpful and appropriate to help you move forward in your tapping practice.

Please join us for this 2-part webinar to learn the basics of EFT and walk away with a tool that will change your life.  This is the perfect time to learn this simple, but powerful technique for yourself and your clients.

In this engaging webinar, we will:

  • learn the Basic Recipe that is the basis for all of EFT
  • learn the 8 standard tapping points
  • have a direct experience of the benefits of tapping
  • learn how to use EFT for self-care and with clients
  • have time to practice and gain confidence in using EFT

The Foundation for Understanding Mental Health

Qur-an Webb, MSW and colleagues from Welcome2Reality
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Wed, Oct 20, 2021
2 pm – 4 pm
2 CECs

$40 – UConn SSW Alumni and Current Field Instructors
$50 – All Others

This webinar was created to provide a base level understanding of mental health challenges and disorders from stigma to trauma to treatment and more. The training will be delivered in an interactive format by including activities, promoting discussion and creating a safe space for to engage in critical conversations around mental health and what we can do to promote better mental health wellbeing and functioning.

We will discuss the factors that puts someone at risk or protects them from developing a mental illness, including the influence of trauma. We will examine the effect of stigma on the perception of mental illness on the individual and societal levels, including how this is often internalized. We will explore some of the most common mental health disorders and then bridge into discussing treatment methods, how to identify signs versus symptoms, barriers to treatment and ways in which we can work to eliminate stigma, promote treatment engagement and emphasize the importance of self-care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the prevalence of mental health challenges and disorders
  • Explore risk and protective factors for developing a mental illness
  • Discuss the impact of trauma and the physiological manifestation of signs and symptoms as they influence mental health
  • Discuss the impact that stigma has on the perception of mental illnesses on the societal, communal and personal level
  • Learn some tips for eliminating stigma, engaging in treatment and the importance of self-care

Social Justice Issues in Supervision

This webinar provides at least one hour of content on cultural competence

Register for CE programs now

Patricia D. Wilcox, LCSW and Aminah Ali, MSW
Mon, June 28, 2021
1 pm – 3 pm
2 CECs

$40 – UConn SSW Alumni and Current Field Instructors
$50 – All Others

This webinar focuses on trauma-informed supervision through a social justice lens, an approach to supervision that begins with the personal and extends to the professional. Personal histories, identities, characteristics and psychological experiences of supervisors, as well as structural and environmental conditions of the organization, are considered in supervision. This perspective promotes the role of the supervisor as a leader in establishing a culture within their team that is responsive to and inclusive of the positionalities and unique experiences of clients and colleagues. Supervisors are encouraged to remain vigilant in their commitment to social justice by leading their teams and organizations in achieving truly inclusive diversity.

Participants will be able to:

  • Define their social work values and create a plan to promote social justice in their roles as leaders within the organization
  • Find how to improve their interactions with supervisees by identifying the positionalities and unique experiences of supervisor and supervisee
  • Critique the culture of the organization by partnering with their supervisees
    Appraise and discuss implicit bias and how it impacts the supervisory relationship and work with clients
  • Discuss with supervisees the applications of racism and inter-generational trauma-informed perspectives in supervision and practice and prepare a plan to utilize this knowledge within their practice

 Webinar link will be emailed when your registration is complete

Providing Inclusive, Affirming Care to the Trans and Gender Expansive Communities

This program provides at least 1 hour of content on cultural competence.Register for CE programs now

Sarah A. Gilbert, LCSW

Thurs, February 17, 2022
8:30 am – 12:30 pm
(Two 10-minute breaks at 9:50 am and 11:20 am)
4 CECs

$80 –  UConn SSW Alumni and Current Field Instructors
$100 – All Others

The goal of this webinar is to increase participants’ cultural competence in serving gender diverse clients by gaining a greater understanding of the unique micro and macro issues this population experiences. Sarah Gilbert LCSW, founder of Transitions Therapy LLC; will share her practice experience and passion for creating more trans-affirming clinical spaces for trans and gender-questioning teens, adults, and the people who love them.

Ample time will be provided for questions and answers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand gender identity, expression as existing on spectrum rather than a binary
  • Clarity on diagnostic DSM 5 Diagnostic criteria for gender dysphoria for kids, adults
  • Understanding the concepts of cisnormativity and implicit bias as they pertain to personal, societal challenges including barriers to treatment and access to resources
  • Exploration of transition options and our role as providers in supporting clients through them

Webinar link will be emailed when your registration is complete.


Adolescent Addiction

Jennifer Berton, PhD, LICSW, CADC-II
Thurs, June 17, 2021Register for CE programs now
10 am – 12 pm

2 CECs

$40 – UConn SSW Alumni and Current Field Instructors
$50 – All Others

Adolescent Addiction is a distinct problem, with biopsychosocial elements unique to this age group, which indicates there are unique treatment implications.  Adolescents are often judged for wanting attention, submitting to peer pressure, or making “stupid” choices,. This seminar will explore the unique elements of adolescent addiction and discusses the best ways to both prevent and treat it.

Webinar link will be emailed when your registration is complete

Boundaries in the Time of COVID-19

Jennifer Berton, PhD, LICSW, CADC-II
Tues, June 15, 2021Register for CE programs now
10 am – 12 pm
2 CECs

$40 – UConn SSW Alumni and Current Field Instructors
$50 – All Others

What do you do when you are experiencing the same thing that is causing the anxiety, depression, trauma, and general turmoil that your clients are needing you to help address? How do you maintain boundaries when we are collectively going through this challenge together? Where do clinical boundaries intersect with human boundaries? Come having a healing conversation about how COVID is straining your boundary skills and what to do about it.

Webinar link will be emailed when your registration is complete

Congratulations, Grads!

Hats off to our 2021 graduates!

You did it! While the past year has been like no other, our BSW, MSW, and Ph.D. students met the challenges they faced and came through stronger and with new skills and more empathy. We salute our grads for a job well done and are thrilled for you all to enter the social work profession or continue your studies to make the world a more just and inclusive place. Read on for messages from School of Social Work faculty and staff, wishing you well as you embark on your next chapter.

graduation mortarboard decorated with "change the world"

Congratulations on your accomplishment and welcome to the noble profession of social work! My wishes for satisfying and successful careers.

Alex Gitterman, Professor

To the Class of 2021: While the once-in-a-century pandemic affected your time here in unprecedented ways, you persevered. We are so proud of you. Here you are today, about to launch and advance your careers. I hope all of you take a moment to pause and congratulate yourselves and each other. There has never been a more urgent time for social work, and for you as professional social workers. The world, the nation, our state and our communities need you. You have answered the call for a vocation that centers respect for the well-being of individuals and communities; the need for diversity; the commitment to racial, social, and economic justice. You are ready. I could not be prouder of each of you, and I am particularly proud to have you join this profession that I have loved for decades. I hope you will find this calling, this vocation, as rewarding as I have. Congratulations!

— Nina Rovinelli-Heller, Dean

Congratulations on graduating from UConn School of Social Work! You are a cohort full of resilience! You have spent the majority of your Social Work education learning through not one but two pandemics. I can’t say how this will affect you later in your careers but I can say that it will and already has. First, learning about racism and White supremacy within the context of the deaths of so many at the hand of police, then within moments that you witnessed justice being served by the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin another murder of a young Black woman occurred raising the same cries for police accountability. You have also experienced firsthand being separated from friends and family by something beyond your control. Fear, desperation, and longing, combined with loss and grief, for many of you has informed your understanding of the clients you were serving at your field placements. The connections made with faculty, staff and your fellow students are crucial future supports, keep them close. Felizidades!

— Lisa Werkmeister Rozas, BSW Program Director

Congratulations, Class of 2021! I hope you feel a tremendous sense of pride in what you have accomplished by earning your social work degree. You are the future of social work, and I am confident you will help move us all towards a more just and equitable world.

Kelsi Carolan, Assistant Professor

Congratulations on making it to graduation! You've worked so hard for this moment and now it's time to savor every minute of it. Best wishes on your next adventure and the one after that. Never forget your strength and that you're capable of greatness. The SSW Alumni community welcomes you all!

Abigail G. Jackson, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

A group of graduates in caps and gowns celebrates in the stands of a stadium
BSW graduates celebrate before their in-person ceremony.

You've all worked hard! Time to go out and change the world. Best wishes for a long and fruitful life.

Pete Papallo, Assistant Extension Professor

To all of the BSW and MSW students who worked so hard under such trying circumstances, congratulations and good luck in your social work professions!

Kim Campbell, Assistant Extension Professor

For the 2021 MSW graduates:
Congratulations all!! Getting an MSW is always challenging, but add to that the novel coronavirus pandemic and the centuries-old systemic racism epidemic, and you have a UConn Master of Social Work education and degree without precedent. Hearts have been broken by losses and souls have been challenged by injustices, and yet you prevailed. There is hope for there are people like all of you who have been preparing to take on these challenges – whether that be as a clinical, community organizing, or policy practice social worker. Now it is time for you to spread your wings and fly, maybe somewhat cautiously initially, but fly nonetheless. On occasion, do come back and share your story, but now it’s time to go! The city, the state, the country, and the world sorely need you. Go and make a difference!

— Brenda Kurz, MSW Program Director

Dear Graduates,
At the end of the semester, I talked with you all about the idea of vicarious resilience — the positive meaning-making and growth that we may experience through witnessing the resilience of our clients. I encouraged you to attend to your clients' strengths with as much consideration as you give to their challenges, both because it will be helpful to them and because it will provide you with the energy and inspiration you will need to continue doing this work.
Now, as you prepare to move on from the UConn School of Social Work, I want you to know about the vicarious resilience that I've experienced watching you navigate your education in the midst of a pandemic. Though I have known many of you only through a computer screen, I have been so inspired by your engagement in your learning. You are entering the profession at a time of extraordinary need. I hope that this next chapter brings much fulfillment, growth, and time to rest and rejuvenate.
Best wishes,

— Ellen Smith, Associate Extension Professor

A group of graduates pose in caps, gowns, and masks
MSW graduates pose for a group selfie before their in-person commencement ceremony.

Wishing the graduating classes - BSW, MSW and PhD - all the best on their journeys as practitioners and educators. Congratulations!

Kathryn Libal, Associate Professor

Congratulations Class of 2021! You have made it to the finish line despite COVID-19. While this past year brought many challenges, you are no strangers to adversity. You should be proud of all that you have endured and all you have accomplished. In the words of Maya Angelou, “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” Remember these words as you embark on your social work journey to helping the many people and communities in need and fighting the injustices that exist. I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors and look forward to you being my fellow social work colleague.

Milagros Marrero-Johnson, Director of Strategic Programming

Hey grads — you rock! You give me confidence that a better world can be built. I hope to cross paths with you in the community and see all the good work you will each be doing. Keep pushing for social justice!

Louise Simmons, Professor

Congratulations, graduates!! Your intelligence, tenacity, and dedication to social work have paid off!! You have endured one of the most tumultuous years in recent history and shown us and the world what you are made of. I couldn't be more proud of you!! Please stay in touch and keep us posted on all the amazing things you do in your careers.

Margaret Lloyd Sieger, Assistant Professor

Congratulations, class of 2021!

Caitlin Elsaesser, Assistant Professor

Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of '21! You did it!

Natalie O'Connor, Program Assistant

Congratulations and Best of Luck to the Class of 2021!

Beth Sharkey, Educational Program Administrator

Policy Practice graduates celebrate graduation with Tanya Rhodes Smith and Rebecca Thomas.

To the Class of 2021! CONGRATULATIONS! SO very proud of you all! Sending you warm congratulations and wishing you the very best for the future. You have worked so hard and have endured many challenges, particularly this past academic year. I hope you can savor this great accomplishment and feel a sense of pride! May you always dare to do great things as you engage in social justice work!
Gio Iacono

Gio Iacono, Assistant Professor

Congratulations Class of 2021. This is it — the moment you have yearned for, shed many tears for, and dreamed of! You're an SSW GRAD! I am looking forward to your future successes, and wishing you all the best on your future endeavors!

Once a husky, always a husky! Stay in touch with the school — we are always here to support you!

Again, Congratulations — enjoy this moment, you deserve it!

Trisha Hawthorne-Noble, OSAS Coordinator

Congratulations, Class of 2021! It has been a long and difficult year, so be especially proud of yourselves for getting to this point. I wish you every success in your next chapter. Remember, you are the experts in the challenges and barriers our clients and communities face every day. Your voice and your perspective are needed in policy and politics. So be bold and brave in your practice and "speak your mind, even if your voice shakes." You are social workers who will change the world.

Tanya Rhodes Smith, Director, Nancy A. Humphreys Institute for Political Social Work

Dear Class of 2021 SSW graduates!

I am very excited for you as you graduate and launch the next phase of your social work career. You have demonstrated perseverance, flexibility, and creativity to be able to graduate during this pandemic. Those qualities will serve you well as you engage with challenges in the years ahead. I will look forward to hearing about your accomplishments in the years to come.

Best wishes,

Megan Berthold, Associate Professor and Director of Field Education

Dear graduating students,

 Congratulations! It has been wonderful to see your development throughout your time at the SSW.  Your creativity and perseverance in serving others and completing your program during the pandemic was impressive. As you embark on the next phase of your career, we wish you all the best.

Megan, Cheryl, Gina, and Nancy (The SSW Field Education Department)

Read more about and view photos of the 2021 Commencement ceremonies at UConn Today.

Engaging Youth in Foster Care

This webinar provides at least 1 hour of content on cultural competence.

Qur-an Webb, MSW and colleagues from Welcome 2 Reality Register for CE programs now

Wed, July 21, 2021
2 pm – 4 pm

$40 – UConn SSW Alumni and Current Field Instructors
$50 – All Others

Webinar link will be emailed when your registration is complete.

Children who enter the child welfare system face many obstacles and challenges. When they are separated from their families and place in foster care, their willingness to trust and make positive connections can be extremely difficult. This training will discuss how to improve engagement with youth in foster care of all ages, races, and sexual orientations and gender identities. We will explore risk and resilience factors emphasizing the importance of strength based-solution focused strategies to support and engage these individuals.

Recovery Capital: Factors that Support Recovery

William C. Gilbert, PhD, MSW, LCSW, AADCRegister for CE programs now

Thursday, June 24, 2021
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

2 CECs

$40 – UConn SSW Alumni and Current Field Instructors
$50 – All Others

Webinar link will be emailed when your registration is complete.

Those suffering from substance use disorders can face many obstacles in achieving and maintaining recovery. As advocates for those in recovery, we know that such obstacles can delay or prevent a person from meeting their recovery goals. In response to this problem, recent research has explored those factors that support recovery. Using the concept of “Recovery Capital,” Dr. Gilbert will present findings of his research on the relevance of social support, twelve step meeting participation, and spirituality as factors that foster recovery. He will also discuss how his findings can be applied to assist programs that serve people with substance use disorders.

Upon completion of this course participants:

Will be able to define the concept of “Recovery Capital.”

Will be able to demonstrate an understanding of those factors that contribute to maintaining recovery.

Will be able to formulate a plan to apply the findings presented to assist their clients.