Greetings MSW and Doctoral Students:

In Summer 2017, the UConn SSW Graduate Student Organization’s previous leadership worked to evaluate and restructure how GSO operates. As a result, the by-laws were revised and approved and the constitution of GSO was created.  However, sufficient votes by the student body were not received to approve the constitution.

In order to have a more efficient, collaborative, and successful governing body, the current leadership supports the changes proposed that  slightly alter the structure of the GSO:

In the past several years, interest by students for leadership positions has been declining which has left many sub-organizations with vacant leadership and guaranteed funds that went unused.

To remedy this, members of the GSO decided to keep the functioning, flourishing organizations: OBSWS, PRIDE, LASO, and SAMI as active interest groups. As a way to capitalize on the passion and interests of our student body, we recognize that other students may want to become involved with GSO by  organizing  an event regarding an issue they are passionate about. As a result, we have created “Interest Groups,” which will operate on a semester-by-semester basis. This allows students to join GSO without taking on a year-long leadership commitment.

In addition to these changes, we organized the Concentration Committees into Macro and Micro groups, in order to increase collaboration between concentrations. As always, we encourage collaboration not only within the Macro and Micro concentrations, but between Macro and Micro practitioners as well.

All matriculated students will be asked to vote on the new constitution. The voting begins November 4, 2019 at noon and closes November 15, 2019 at noon.  This is a quick vote that will take no more  than two minutes of your time, and can be done so at Please plan to vote, your vote matters to the success of maintaining an active Graduate Student Organization, which is crucial to the student experience at the School of Social Work.

Thank you,

Krystina Jackson and Megan Krementowski, GSO Co-Chairs


Constitution with Track Changes

Constitution Clean Copy