Dynamics and Skills of Clinical Supervision

Alex Gitterman, EdD
5 CECs

Wednesday, March 18, 2020
9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Location: School of Social Work  – 38 Prospect St, Hartford

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The seminar will explore the administrative and educational functions, tasks and skills of supervision.  Content will include transition from practitioner to supervisor, beginning phase of supervision, dealing with supervisory obstacles (e.g., worker (student) defensiveness and resistance, transference and countertransference), the worker (student) as a learner (differential learning needs and styles) and responsive teaching methods, and mechanisms and processes for evaluation. Central to the seminar will be ways in which workers’ ambivalence toward supervision can lead to the illusion of work, i.e., passive resistance, intellectualization, and testing. A model for supervision will be presented and illustrated with examples from Dr. Gitterman and the participants’ supervision.

This seminar will enable you to increase your understanding and skills in:

  • carrying out the administrative and educational functions of supervision
  • selecting appropriate supervisory structures
  • assessing differential worker learning styles and patterns
  • selecting responsive teaching methods
  • dealing with supervisory obstacles
  • helping the problematic practitioner
  • evaluating workers

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