1. 10/5Relieve Your Anxiety And Worry With Emotional Freedom Technique
  1. 10/6A World Without Police
  1. 10/7Art Of Diagnosis
  1. 10/7Puerto Rico: Human Rights, Health, Self-Powerment & Hope
  1. 10/13BIPOC Communities: Navigating the New Normal
  1. 10/14Making Sense Of The DSM 5
  1. 10/15Marijuana: Miracle Drug Or The Devil's Lettuce
  1. 10/18Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense Of Heather LaSelle, MS, MPA, LCSW
  1. 10/20Community Engagement In The Massachusetts HEALing Communities Study
  1. 10/20The Foundation For Understanding Mental Health
  1. 10/21The Clinical Interview
  1. 10/23Understanding Animal Assisted Therapy
  1. 10/27IRB Office Hours with Joan Levine
  1. 10/29International Social Work Studies Book Club
  1. 10/29Workshop: Mediation & Moderation Analysis