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Our Faculty

Combining professional experience, scholarship, and research, our faculty develop innovative programs and approaches, provide critical insight into the profession, and develop teaching materials that are used widely in social work education. UConn Social Work faculty serve as presenters at national and international conferences. They are widely published; hold leadership positions in journal publications; and serve as committee members on regional and national peer review committees for granting agencies, journal publishers, and University, national and international meetings. Involved in a wide range of service activities in professional social work organizations and in the community at both the local and national levels, they hold leadership positions as officers and board members of professional organizations; and engage in the development and dissemination of research.

  1. S. Megan Berthold, PhDS. MeganBerthold, PhDAssociate Professor
    Director of Field Education
  2. Edna Comer, PhDEdnaComer, PhDAssociate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Associate Professor
  3. Antonia Cordero, DSWAntoniaCordero, DSWAssociate Professor(959)
  4. Diane Drachman, PhDDianeDrachman, PhDAssociate Professor(959)
  5. Caitlin Elsaesser, PhDCaitlinElsaesser, PhDAssistant Professor(959)
  6. Megan Feely, PhDMeganFeely, PhDAssistant Professor(959)
  7. Michael Fendrich, PhDMichaelFendrich, PhDAssociate Dean for Research
  8. Robert Fisher, PhDRobertFisher, PhDProfessor(959)
  9. Ann Marie Garran, PhDAnn MarieGarran, PhDMSW Program Director
    Associate Professor
  10. Alex Gitterman, EdDAlexGitterman, EdDProfessor(959)
  11. Scott Harding, PhDScottHarding, PhDCo-Director, PhD Program
    Associate Professor
  12. Nina Rovinelli Heller, PhDNina RovinelliHeller, PhDDean and Zachs Professor(959)
  13. Stephanie Kennedy, PhDStephanieKennedy, PhDAssistant Professor(959)
  14. Brenda Kurz, PhDBrendaKurz, PhDAssociate Professor (959)
  15. Kathryn Libal, PhDKathrynLibal, PhDAssociate Professor
    Director, UConn Human Rights Institute
  16. Hsiu-Ju Lin, PhDHsiu-JuLin, PhDAssociate Research Professor(860)
  17. Margaret Lloyd, PhDMargaretLloyd, PhDAssistant Professor(959)
  18. Barris Malcolm, PhDBarrisMalcolm, PhDAssociate Professor(959)
  19. Catherine Medina, PhDCatherineMedina, PhDAssociate Professor(959)
  20. Nathanael Okpych, PhDNathanaelOkpych, PhDAssistant Professor(959)
  21. Peter Papallo, LCSW, MSPeterPapallo, LCSW, MSAssistant Extension Professor(959)
  22. Louise Simmons, PhDLouiseSimmons, PhDProfessor(959)
  23. Tanya Rhodes SmithTanya RhodesSmithVisiting Lecturer
    Director, Nancy A. Humphreys Institute for Political Social Work
  24. Ellen Smith, PhDEllenSmith, PhDAssociate Extension Professor(959)
  25. Rebecca Thomas, PhDRebeccaThomas, PhDAssociate Professor
    Director, Center for International Social Work Studies
  26. Wendy Ulaszek, PhDWendyUlaszek, PhDAssociate Research Professor(860)
  27. Miriam Valdovinos, PhDMiriamValdovinos, PhDAssistant Professor(959)
  28. Lisa Werkmeister Rozas, PhDLisaWerkmeister Rozas, PhDAssociate Professor
    BSW Program Director
    Director, Puerto Rican and Latin@ Studies Project
  29. Cristina Wilson, PhDCristinaWilson, PhDAssociate Professor(959)