Covid-19 FAQs: Field Education and Student Services

Last updated 4-29-20


Please carefully read the “Termination of all in-person field education placements for remainder of 2019-2020 academic year (effective immediately)” document that was emailed to you on March 18, 2020. 

What policies and guidelines should I follow regarding the COVID-19 situation?

  • You should follow all policies and guidelines from UConn (check your UConn email regularly for updates), your field agency, and other relevant bodies (e.g., your state, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]).
  • For updates from UConn on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) check:

Should I continue to go to my field placement agency?

No. Effective immediately, the UConn School of Social Work (SSW) is terminating all in-person field placements for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year. Your health and safety are our primary concern.

I haven’t completed the 560 hours (for MSW students) or 400 hours (for BSW students) of field placement this year as required by the UConn SSW. What should I do?

  • 1st and 2nd year MSW students who were current with their field hours as of March 13 do not need to complete additional field hours for this year.
  • The following students will need to complete some field hours remotely:
    • Advanced Standing students who have not accumulated at least 900 hours in field (i.e., the number of hours completed in their BSW program and hours completed this year in their Advanced Standing placement need to add up to at least 900 hours);
    • BSW students who have not accumulated at least 400 hours in field; and
    • 1st and 2nd year MSW students who have not accumulated at least 340 hours in field this year.

If I am still required to make up some hours in field placement (remotely), how will I do that?

Development of individualized plans for the small number of students who need to complete additional field hours will be handled as follows:

  1. MSW students: The Field Education Department will develop and implement individualized plans for MSW students to complete their hours remotely. Field staff will also be in touch with each of these students.
  2. BSW students: The Field Education Department and Dr. Kim Campbell will develop and implement individual plans for BSW students. Field staff will also be in touch with each of these students.

I haven’t terminated with my clients and/or communities and colleagues I was working with in my field placement. How will I do that?

  • All students currently in field placements should contact their Field Instructors now to make appropriate arrangements for termination with any clients, communities, and agencies they have been working with.
  • All work to complete projects or terminate with clients, communities, or colleagues should be done remotely.

When will my final Spring Field Evaluation be completed?

  • The Field Education Department will send links to all Field Instructors this week to complete final Field Evaluations for all students for the spring semester.
  • Evaluations for both 20 hours/week and 15 hours/week students are to be completed now.

What if I cannot reach my Field Instructor?

Notify your Faculty Advisor as soon as possible.

Will in-person interviews for field placements for next year still take place with prospective placement agencies?

  • Remote interviews for potential field education placements for next year, in lieu of face-to-face interviews, may take place using Zoom, Skype or other video or web conferencing tools.
  • Agencies may also be delayed in communication or in setting up interviews for future field placements due to agency closures or because staff are working remotely.

What will field placements look like next year?

  • Given the fluidness of this pandemic, we do not know the state of the state for the Fall.
  • Field Ed is proceeding with the placement process to be prepared for a start in September, and are developing contingency plans should the need arise. Students will be kept informed

What if the COVID-19 situation continues to prevent us from going to our field agencies in person next year, will the number of field hours we need to complete be reduced?

  • It depends on whether our accrediting body (CSWE) makes a decision to reduce the number of field hours required to graduate or not.
  • Field Ed will be monitoring this closely and will notify students, advisors, and field instructors.

I hope to graduate next year. How many hours will I need to graduate next year?

  • 2 years full-time or 3 or 4-year part-time MSW students: 900 hours over the two years of field placements
  • Advanced Standing MSW students need 900 hours (hours earned in BSW program and hours earned this year)
  • BSW students: 400 hours

If I graduate this year with 765 hours of field practicum hours in my MSW program, will that meet social work licensure requirements in Connecticut and elsewhere in the United States?

  • In order to get licensed in Connecticut, a basic requirement is graduation from an MSW program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). The UConn School of Social Work is accredited by CSWE.
  • The Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) reports that no state’s regulatory requirements exceed CSWE’s temporary guidelines this year for reduced field hours. This means that students who graduate this year with their degree from UConn won’t be limited in terms of where they can apply for licensure in the United States based on graduating with reduced field hours.

Will we be doing tele-health or other off-site / remote field placements in the fall?

  • Our plans for field placements in Fall 2020 are not fully determined yet.
  • We are exploring various options and developing contingency plans. We will keep you informed when there are new developments.

I haven’t completed my immunizations yet. Will this hold up my field placement for next year?

  • Given the COVID-19 situation, this is not the time to get immunizations. We can still move forward on your placement.
  • When the situation changes and it is possible to get immunizations, we ask that you complete them at that time. This will need to be done before you would be able to do in-person field work at an agency.

If you still have questions, email the Field Education Department at A staff member will be in touch with you.

STUDENT SERVICES – Current Students

What if I have unreliable and/or no internet?

Please communicate with your Professor, Advisor and Program Director if you encounter this issue. – MSW Program Director – BSW Program Director.

If classes are offered live; will I be able to access a recorded version?

Professors will be in communication with students prior to March 23rd regarding online plan of action. Please communicate with your professor regarding specific course questions. Continue to check your Husky-CT as well as your emails.

Could classes be posted as pre-recorded instead of live due to unreliable internet connection?

Professors will be in communication with students prior to March 23rd regarding online plan of action. Continue to check your Husky-CT as well as your emails.

If I am not able to access live web due to childcare (children home from school) – what can/should I do?

Please communicate with your Professor, Advisor and Program Director if you encounter this issue. – MSW Program Director – BSW Program Director

Will special applications be needed to participate?

Follow up with your Professor regarding the online platform being used, and if it will require special applications.

Could moving online affect my grade negatively?

The online format will not negatively affect grades. Students will be graded and given credit as they normally would.

Will registration be affected with the remote process? What should I do if there’s an issue the day of?

Registration for Fall and Summer 2020 will be on March 23rd, beginning at 9:00 am. Please prepare prior to the day of registration (see email which will be sent out regarding steps on March 16th 2020). Check your student-admin for holds, and place classes in your shopping cart, have a plan B. OSAS staff will be available via email to help support you on registration day as normal. If you have any difficulties with registration, please feel free to email us at or 959-200-3687.

Could there be a chance that I don’t get into a course?

As always, there is a chance that you may not be able to get into a course as spaces are first come, first serve. It is best practice to have an alternative course schedule planned. The current circumstances should not impact these chances.

Will the School be open if I needed a space to study and/or meet with staff?

The SSW building is closed until further notice, which is compliant with the Governors Executive Order. If you’re seeking a space to study and/or meet with staff – please contact the staff member via email and/or email

Will the Commencement Ceremony still take place?

There will be no in person Commencement Ceremonies at the University, as announced on Tuesday March 17th. However, the President will be hosting a virtual commencement on May 9th - Visit for updates on Fall Celebration etc.

Will I be able to get a refund for my regalia?

Please communicate with Barnes and Noble/vendor you purchased your regalia – they are working on a refund process.

When can I return my books?

The University as well as Barnes and Noble will send out additional information, please continue to check your email.

Will I be refunded for parking?

At this time, the university is still working with the federal authorities on how to handle these refund requests from students, staff, and faculty. Parking services will know more about refund requests after March 25th. At that time, more information will follow.

Will students be required to record final presentations? If so, how will students do this if they are group presentations?

Please communicate with your professor about the best methods for final projects, papers and/or presentations.

What is the Pass/Fail or Withdraw Audit option?

Students now have the option of P/F or withdraw option – please see link for more details:

When is the last day that I am able to drop my course?

Students have until May 1st to drop their course – please visit for more information

Am I able to take an incomplete in my course, which will give me more time to complete my assignment?

Should you want to take an incomplete, it is important for you to speak with your instructor. The incomplete contract must also be completed, in which all involved parties (instructor, student, BSW/MSW Director, Advisor, and Associate Dean will receive a copy). Please find more information here:

I am a second year student on track to graduate Spring 2020. If I receive an incomplete, when would grades need to be posted?

Instructors must post grades by May 15th for students to be considered for Spring 2020 graduation, otherwise students will be considered August graduates.

What other information should I be aware of?

Please refer to the Graduate School COVID FAQ page.

I am a May/Spring Graduate, when will my degree be conferred?

Given you have satisfied all academic and field requirements, your May conferral date will be is May 12, 2020. Please check your student admin, unofficial transcript to see once this is posted.

I am August/Summer Graduate originally, but completed all requirements, can I now be eligible for a May Conferral?

Please contact OSAS @ with your information and request.

I am planning to take summer courses – will those still be held?

  • Given current uncertainties about the covid-related situation in accordance with UConn guidelines and to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted transition into the MSW program, we will offer your summer session courses via distance learning.
  • The course content will likely involve both synchronous and asynchronous content. Synchronous means that you, your classmates, and your instructor interact in a specific virtual place, through a specific online medium, at the time posted in the online schedule for each course on the SSW webpage. The synchronous portion of the course will be held within that time frame (live).
  • For the asynchronous portion, instructors will provide materials, lectures, tests, and assignments that can be accessed at any time and must be completed by a given date.
  • See course schedule here:

Student Resources

I am an international student – what services are offered?

Please email and also check recent emails regarding Taxes, Travel, Text Alerts and more.

Will CSD be available during this time?

Even though the CSD Hartford physical office is currently working remotely, staff are available to assist you with your needs. CSD Hartford can be reached via the following alternative ways:

  • Regional Campus Inbox:
  • Regional Campus Coordinator (maternity leave starting 4/6/20):
  • Interim Regional Campus Coordinator & Beyond Access Coordinator:
  • Phone appointments with Katie and/or Emily can be scheduled through Nexus:
  • CSD Storrs can also provide remote assistance during this time. You can contact CSD Storrs at or 860-486-2020 (to leave a voice message).

What career coaching options will be used during this time?

The Center for Career Development is committed to serving our students, alumni and community partners through a full complement of virtual offerings during the University closure. Phone or virtual career counseling session can be scheduled via the following link: If you have a question or need personal assistance, please call (860) 486-3013 and leave a message. Alternatively, you can email at

If you still have questions, email us at and a member of the Student Academic Services department will be in touch with you.