Covid-19 FAQs: Prospective and Incoming Students

Last updated 4-25-20

If my school is delayed with conferral – how will that impact my admission into the Advanced Standing program?

Conferral of degrees are required before beginning the MSW program. The first step is to confer with your current program to see how they are handling the completion of degree requirements during this period of time. If you anticipate this may be a conflict, please contact Office of Student Academic Services at

How will this impact my Financial Aid packages/decisions?

Please refer to the Office of Student Financial Aid Services website for information about financial aid. 

How will or may this impact registration for courses?

  • Registration will continue and should not be impacted. Please prepare prior to the day of registration. OSAS staff will be available via email to help support you on registration day as normal. Registration for Fall incoming students take place June 17th If you have any difficulties with registration, please feel free to email us at or 959-200-3687.
  • Summer Registration is open for students to enroll (incoming students enroll for summer courses through the Non-Degree program).

Will I still need to pay the deposit/acceptance fee?

Yes, the deposit/acceptance fee is still required. The acceptance fee is a non-refundable deposit that will be applied to your tuition/fee bill.

Will orientation sessions be impacted? Can this requirement be completed remote?

All orientation scheduled will be virtual until further notice. Please continue to review your emails for future dates. Orientation and Advising sessions are mandatory for all incoming students. If you have any questions, please email us at

Will I still have to attend Advising Session(s)?

Yes, these are offered virtually, please continue to check your email and feel free to contact us at

Will there be a delay in hearing back with an admission decision?

Offices will be working normal hours during this period, applicants should be notified of decisions in a timely manner.

Is the Office of Student & Academic Services open?

All staff are available, but are working remotely until further notice comes from the University. This will not impact the duties of the office, please call and/or email OSAS per usual, should you have any concerns.

Will in-person interviews for field placements for next year still take place with prospective placement agencies?

 Remote interviews for potential field education placements for next year, in lieu of face-to-face interviews, may take place using Zoom, Skype or other video or web conferencing tools.
 Agencies may also be delayed in communication or in setting up interviews for future field placements due to agency closures or because staff are working remotely.

What will field placements look like next year?

  • Given the fluidness of this pandemic, we do not know the state of the state for the Fall.
  • Field Ed is proceeding with the placement process to be prepared for a start in September, and are developing contingency plans should the need arise. Students will be kept informed

What if the COVID-19 situation continues to prevent us from going to our field agencies in person next year, will the number of field hours we need to complete be reduced?

  • It depends on whether our accrediting body (CSWE) makes a decision to reduce the number of field hours required to graduate or not.
  • Field Ed will be monitoring this closely and will notify students, advisors, and field instructors.

I hope to graduate next year. How many hours will I need to graduate next year?

  • 2 years full-time or 3 or 4-year part-time MSW students: 900 hours over the two years of field placements
  • Advanced standing MSW students need 900 hours (hours earned in BSW program and hours earned this year)
  • BSW students: 400 hours

If I graduate this year with 765 hours of field practicum hours in my MSW program, will that meet social work licensure requirements in Connecticut and elsewhere in the United States?

  • In order to get licensed in Connecticut, a basic requirement is graduation from an MSW program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). The UConn School of Social Work is accredited by CSWE.
  • The Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) reports that no state’s regulatory requirements exceed CSWE’s temporary guidelines this year for reduced field hours. This means that students who graduate this year with their degree from UConn won’t be limited in terms of where they can apply for licensure in the United States based on graduating with reduced field hours.

Will we be doing tele-health or other off-site / remote field placements in the fall?

  • Our plans for field placements in Fall 2020 are not fully determined yet.
  • We are exploring various options and developing contingency plans. We will keep you informed when there are new developments.

I haven’t completed my immunizations yet. Will this hold up my field placement for next year?

  • Given the COVID-19 situation, this is not the time to get immunizations. We can still move forward on your placement.
  • When the situation changes and it is possible to get immunizations, we ask that you complete them at that time. This will need to be done before you would be able to do in-person field work at an agency.

If you still have questions, email us at and a member of the Student Academic Services department will be in touch with you.