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Interested in Becoming a Field Agency?

Each year, UConn School of Social Work places MSW students in approximately 300 agencies for field education. It is here, in a wide variety of social work settings, where students integrate academic knowledge with practice in unique work settings and develop valuable profession skill sets.

How to Become an Affiliated Field Agency with UConn School of Social Work

If you are interesting in offering a field placement opportunity at your facility we welcome your application.

Complete and return the Agency application form. We will review your application and log your agency information into our database. Once we have a potentially suitable student for your agency we will contact you to discuss the placement.

Criteria for the Selection of UConn SSW-Affiliated Agencies

Below is the criteria we use in choosing affiliations:

  • The Agency philosophy is compatible with the values and ethics of the social work profession.
  • The Agency’s staff is sufficient to maintain and develop the basic program of the agency without reliance on students.
  • The Agency identifies a qualified MSW staff person to serve as the student’s Field Instructor.
  • The Field Instructor will provide a minimum of:
    • 1-1/2 hours per week for individual supervision of students interning approximately 20 hours a week
    • 2 hours a week of individual supervision of students interning 35 hours per week as part of the UConn SSW
      Summer Block program.
  • The Agency will enable first time Field Instructors to attend the required Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI), and other UConn School of Social Work Field Education meetings.
  • The Agency will provide adequate support, precautionary information and resources to ensure personal safety in the field.