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Heather LaSelle, MSW, MS, MPA, LCSW

Heather LaSelle

Research Interests

Heather LaSelle, MSW, MS, MPA, LCSW has research interests ignited out of ten years of direct child welfare and clinical experience in conjunction with combined knowledge from three graduate degrees in Education, Public Administration, and Social Work. This foundation inspired Heather’s interest and passion for social justice and advocacy through policy changes, political advocacy, education, and empowerment.

Specific academic interests include: Race disproportionality in the child welfare system; inequality and racial disparity in public education; utilizing research, education, and advocacy, to implement  interventions, innovations, and policy changes needed to address unconscious and implicit organizational and institutional bias; intersectionality of race,  socioeconomic status,  within social and institutional systems impacting outcomes and trajectories for children due to social stratification, increased traumatic experiences, and disparate treatment.


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